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(THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017)

Tom's Daily Stock/Commodity Focus: "Focus On - Strongest and weakest futures: Wed 5/24: Based on my best momentum formula here are the strongest trends in futures (trade from the long side): FC (Feeder Cattle), LC (Live Cattle), LH (Lean Hogs), QN (Mini Nat Gas), NG (Nat Gas), CC (Cocoa), NQ (Nasdaq). Here are the weakest trends in futures (trade from the short side): OJ (Orange Juice), VX (Volatility), KC (Coffee), SM (Soy Meal), SB (Sugar), S (Soybeans), KW (Winter Wheat)."

Tom's Profit Target Commodity Comments: "Profit Target F6 Futures: Wed 5/24: 8 of 20 Profit Target futures are in uptrends. Bullish trends: most metals, interest rates, most stocks, energy, most currencies. Bearish trends: most grains, most other ag (softs), dollar."

Tom's Breakout Futures Comments: "Breakout F6 Futures: Wed 5/24: 27 of 45 Breakout positions are long and 16 are profitable. Most profitable: EC (Euro) +$4,406. Least profitable: KW (Winter Wheat) -$1,463. Net P/L of all Breakout positions: +$20,955."

Tom's Top Systems Stocks Comments: "Top System Stocks: Wed 5/24: A positive day, that improved after the Fed minutes. 10 of 20 Top System positions are long and all are profitable. Best: NVDA +34.0%, ADBE +30.3%, MTN +25.9%, SOXL +20.6%, TSLA +11.8%, AVGO +8.5%."