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Tom's Daily Stock/Commodity Focus: "Focus On - Strongest and weakest futures: Fri 2/14: Based on my best momentum formula here are the strongest trends in futures (trade from the long side); SB (Sugar), NQ (Nasdaq), CC (Cocoa), ES (Mini S&P), GC (Gold), YG (Mini Gold), RTY (Russell 2000). Here are the weakest trends in futures (trade from the short side): NG (Nat Gas), QN (Mini Nat Gas), VX (Volatility), LH (Lean Hogs), CL (Crude Oil), Q< (Mini Crude), O (Oats)."

Tom's Profit Target Commodity Comments: "Profit Target F8 Futures: Fri 2/14: 7 of 20 Profit Target futures are in uptrends. Bullish trends: interest rate futures, stocks, dollar. Bearish trends: grains, most metals, energy, most other ag (softs), currencies."

Tom's Breakout Futures Comments: "Breakout F8 Futures: Fri 2/14: 29 of 45 Breakout positions are long, the VX is short, and 19 are profitable (63%). Most profitable: RB (Gasoline) +$6,220. Least profitable: NK (Nikkei) -$2,125. Net P/L of all Breakout positions: +$20,859."

Tom's Top Systems Stocks Comments: "Top System F8 Stocks: Fri 2/14: The market held up well today, despite recent Friday selling patterns. Monday will be a stock market holiday. 16 of 20 Top System positions are long and all are profitable. Best: TQQQ +8.2%, MSFT +7.5%, NVDA +7.0%, FAS +6.1%, NFLX +6.0%. Average P/L of all 20 Top System positions: +3.3%."